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WITCH HUNT by Gregg Jarrett

Book review WITCH HUNT by Gregg Jarrett read online FREE! Click Here.

The author of the number-one ny Times bestseller The Russia Hoax picks up wherever that book concluded with this hard-hitting, well-reasoned examination of the newest findings concerning “collusion” between the Trump Administration and therefore the Russians, giving additional proof that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is nothing quite a politically driven witch hunt.

The president’s enemies cite the amount of indictments and guilty pleas wracked up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his associates as proof of Donald Trump and his campaign’s criminal wrongdoing. however as Fox News’ legal analyst and commentator Gregg Jarrett makes clear, Mueller’s probe has made no proof and no indictments in support of his original mandate.

Jarrett shows that whereas the president’s enemies ar desperate and determined to search out one thing, their efforts have tested futile. during this book he outlines the varied charges since the publication of The Russia Hoax, together with the indictments against Trump long-time friend and consultant Roger Stone. One by one, he knocks the criminal charges and media-driven insinuation down, creating clear that the tens of ample greenbacks Mueller has spent has been a wasteful misuse of payer cash.

Jarrett dives deep into the indictment against Stone to clarify simply however flimsy the accusations of collusion and conspiracy ar. “The plain truth is that the improper existence of Mueller’s investigation created the crimes Stone stands suspect of committing,” Jarret contends. He reveals however the FBI has been complicit within the theme to border Trump due to a cabal of prime former officers, headed by former director James Comey, WHO worked with phony opposition analysis obtained by the Clinton campaign to smear Trump. He additionally exposes the Justice Department’s ethic in charging Trump associates whereas giving a pass to Clinton cronies, together with Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

Factual, extremely persuasive, and damnatory, this must-read expose makes clear that not solely was there no collusion, however there wasn’t even a basis for Mueller’s investigation of this charge that has tainted Trump and his administration, and interfered along with his presidency.

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