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TOUGH LOVE by Susan Rice

Book review TOUGH LOVE by Susan Rice read online FREE! Click Here.

Recalling important moments from her dynamic career on the front lines of yankee diplomacy and policy, Susan E. Rice–National Security consultant to President Barack Obama and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations–delivers associate inspiring account of a life in commission to family and country.

Although you will assume you recognize Susan Rice–whose name became similar with Benghazi following her Sunday broadcast appearances when the deadly 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya–in robust Love, the author reveals the reality of her stunning story with unafraid honesty. usually mischaracterized by political opponents, Rice emerges as neither a villain nor victim, however a powerful, compassionate leader.

Mother, wife, scholar, diplomat, and fierce champion of yankee interests and values, Rice connects the private and also the skilled. tutored early, with robust love, a way to contend associated stand out as an African yank lady in settings wherever folks of color ar few, Susan shares knowledge learned on the approach.

Laying blank the family struggles that formed her childhood in Washington, D.C., she conjointly examines the ancestral legacies that influenced her. Rice’s elders–immigrants on one facet and descendants of slaves on the other–had high expectations that every generation would rise. And rise they did, however not while not paying it forward–in uniform and within the stump, as educators, community leaders, and public servants.

Susan too rose speedily. She served throughout the Clinton administration, turning into one among the nation’s youngest assistant secretaries of state and, later, one among President Obama’s most trustworthy advisors.

Rice provides associate insider’s account of a number of the foremost complicated problems attempt the u. s. over 3 decades, starting from “Black Hawk Down” in African country to the killing in African nation and also the geographic area embassy bombings within the late Nineties, to Libya, Syria, a secret channel to Asian country, the viral hemorrhagic fever epidemic, and also the gap to Cuba throughout the Obama years. With unmatched insight and characteristic bluntness, she reveals antecedently much stories behind recent national security challenges, as well as confrontations with Russia and China, the war against ISIS, the struggle to contain the fallout from Edward Snowden’s leaks, the U.S. response to Russian interference within the 2016 election, and also the surreal transition to the Trump administration.

Intimate, typically droll, however forever candid, robust Love culminates with associate charm to the yank public to bridge our dangerous domestic divides so as to preserve our democracy and sustain our world leadership.

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