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TIGHTROPE by Amanda Quick

Book review TIGHTROPE by Amanda Quick read online FREE! Click Here.

An unconventional girl and a person shrouded in mystery walk a rope of want as they race against a killer to search out a machine that would amendment the globe.

Former swing creative person Amalie Vaughn stirred to Burning Cove to reinvent herself, however things don’t seem to be going well. once defrayal her entire inheritance on a mansion with the intention of turning it into a bed-and-breakfast, she learns too late that the villa is claimed to be cursed. once the primary guest, Dr. Norman Pickwell, is dead by his golem invention throughout a sold-out demonstration, rumors flow into that the curse is real.

In the chaotic aftermath of the spectacle, Amalie watches as a intruder from the audience disappears behind the curtain. once Matthias Jones reappears, he’s slippery a gun into a hid holster. it’s just like the gossip that’s moving around him is true—Matthias plain will have connections to the criminal underworld.

Matthias is on the path of a groundbreaking model cipher machine. He suspects that Pickwell scarf the device and planned to sell it. however currently Pickwell is dead and also the machine has nonexistent. once Matthias’s investigation leads him to Amalie’s exterior door, the attraction between them is intense, however she is aware of it’s conjointly dangerous. Amalie and Matthias should decide if they will trust one another and also the passion that binds them, as a result of time is running out.

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