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TIGER WOODS by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian

Book review TIGER WOODS by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian read online FREE! Click Here.

“Irresistible…Immensely readable…The authors have set out a heroic tale that’s half story, half poet, half Jackie Collins….A windstorm of a life story that reads honest and true.” —The Wall Street Journal

“A assured and substantial book…It has force and velocity…It makes a sweet sound, sort of a well-struck golf equipment. I found it exhilarating, depressing, tawdry, and occupation nearly equal live. It’s a giant yank story.” —The the big apple Times

Based on years of news and interviews with over 250 individuals from each corner of Tiger Woods’s life—many of whom haven’t spoken concerning him on the record before—a sweeping, revelatory, associate degreed process life story of an yank icon.

In 2009, Tiger Woods was the foremost celebrated contestant on the world, a transcendent star of just about unfathomable fame and fortune living what looked as if it would be the proper life. Married to a Swedish beauty and also the father of 2 young kids, he was the winner of fourteen major golf championships and earning over $100 million annually. however it absolutely was all a rigorously crafted illusion. because it clad, Woods had been living a double life for years—one that unraveled within the aftermath of a Thanksgiving-night automobile crash that exposed his serial quality and sent his personal and skilled lives over a drop-off. Still, the planet has continually wondered: WHO is Tiger Woods, really?

In Tiger Woods, Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian, the team behind the the big apple Times bestseller The System, look deep behind the headlines to supply a richly rumored answer to it question. to search out out, they conducted many interviews with individuals from each side of Woods’s life—friends, relations, teachers, romantic partners, coaches, business associates, physicians, Tour pros, and members of Woods’s coterie.

From those interviews, and intensive, rigorously sourced analysis, they need uncovered new, intimate, and shocking details concerning the person behind the parable. we tend to scan an interior account of Tiger’s relationship along with his ex, Dina Gravell, and their agonising breakup at the hands of his oldsters. we tend to learn that Tiger’s old sports agency, International Management cluster (IMG), made $50,000 annual payments to Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, as a “talent scout”—years before Tiger was their consumer. we tend to discover surprising new details concerning Earl, WHO died in 2006 associate degreed to the current day lies in an unmarked grave. we tend to return on as Tiger plunges into the city and the big apple nightspot worlds aboard fellow superstars Michael Jordan and Charles political leader. we tend to ar whisked behind the scenes throughout the National Enquirer’s globetrotting hunt to show Tiger’s quality, and that we get a rare look within his subsequent sex-addiction treatment at the Pine Grove facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

But the portrait of Woods that emerges in Tiger Woods is much additional bountied than revelations alone. By tracing his life from its origins because the mixed-race son of associate degree attention-seeking father and also the original Tiger Mom—who programmed him to be “the chosen one,” tasked with dynamical not simply the sport of golf however the planet as well—the authors offer a wealth of latest insight into the person unfree within his parents’ creation. we tend to meet the lonely, introspective youngster WHO has bother connecting with alternative children due to his stutter and strange manner. we tend to expertise the fun and confusion of his meteoric rise to high status. and that we return to grasp the adult man’s obsession with extreme coaching and deep ocean diving—despite their potential for injury—as a rare supply of the solitude he craves. Most of all, we tend to ar reminded, time and time once more, of Woods’s singular greatness and also the excitement we tend to felt looking at associate degree athletic genius dominate his sport for nearly twenty years.

But at what cost? Benedict associate degreed Keteyian offer the answers in a rare life story that’s destined to become the process book concerning an authentic yank legend—and to linger within the minds of readers for years to come back.

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