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Book review THERE GOES MY HEART by Bella Andre read online FREE! Click Here.

Rory Sullivan, a known journeyman woodsman, has no plans to fall gaga anytime presently. particularly not with Zara Mirren, United Nations agency shares a reborn warehouse house with him in Bar Harbor, Maine. whereas she may be a sensible maker—the lense frames she styles area unit much works of art—everything else concerning her drives him loco. The means she’s invariably whistling inferior pop songs sour. The means her half-drunk cups of occasional litter each out there tabletop. and particularly the means he can’t take his eyes off her whenever she enters a room…or stop considering her once she leaves.

Zara loves everything concerning her career—designing and producing bright, fun glasses frames fulfills each the inventive and technical sides of her brain. the sole draw back to returning to figure is bumping into irritating, far-too-handsome-for-his-own-good Rory Sullivan…even if she on the Q.T. enjoys the zingers they throw at one another. On the and facet, thinking up new ways that to torment Rory on a usual has helped Zara stop living accommodations on the actual fact that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her together with her sister.

But once Zara learns that her ex and her sister have simply become engaged, she’s doubly shocked by Rory’s suggestion to travel as her fake lover to their engagement party, in a very one-night armistice wherever they’ll be a team instead of adversaries. Only, once it seems that the sparks between them disguise a deeper passion—and larger emotional connection—than either has ever glorious, can each Rory and Zara find yourself losing their hearts to the last person they might have imagined?

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