Book review THE NIGHT FIRE by Michael Connelly read online

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THE NIGHT FIRE by Michael Connelly

Book review THE NIGHT FIRE by Michael Connelly read online FREE! Click Here.

Harry Jerom Bos and LAPD Detective Renee Ballard close once more on the murder case that obsessed Bosch’s mentor, the person WHO trained him — new from #1 ny Times bestselling author Michael Connelly

Back once Harry Jerom Bos was simply a beginner killing detective, he had associate degree ennobling mentor WHO schooled him to require the work in person and lightweight the hearth of mercilessness for each case. currently that mentor, John Jack Thompson, is dead, however once his ceremonial occasion his widow hands Jerom Bos a murder book that Thompson took with him once he left the LAPD twenty years before — the unresolved killing of a troubled young man in associate degree alley used for drug deals.

Bosch brings the murder book to Renée Ballard and asks her to assist him realize what concerning the case lit Thompson’s fireplace all those years past. that may be their start line.

The bond between Jerom Bos and Ballard tightens as they become a formidable investigation team. and that they before long gain a worrying question: Did Thompson steal the murder book to figure the case in retirement, or to form certain it ne’er got solved?

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