Book review THE MOST FUN WE EVER HAD by Claire Lombardo read online

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THE MOST FUN WE EVER HAD by Claire Lombardo

Book review THE MOST FUN WE EVER HAD by Claire Lombardo read online FREE! Click Here.

A dazzling, multigenerational novel during which the four adult daughters of a Chicago couple–still head over heels in love when forty years–recklessly ignite previous rivalries till a long-buried secret threatens to shatter the lives they’ve designed.

When Marilyn Little Mo Connolly and David Sorenson fall taken with within the Nineteen Seventies, they’re gayly unaware of all that is to come back. By 2016, their four radically completely different daughters area unit every during a state of unrest: Wendy, unmarried young, soothes herself with booze and younger men; Violet, a litigator-turned-stay-at-home-mom, battles anxiety and diffidence once the darkest a part of her past resurfaces; gray mullet, a neurotic and fresh irremovable academician, finds herself pregnant with a baby she’s undecided she needs by a person she’s undecided she loves; and charm, the trifling youngest female offspring, begins living a lie that nobody in her family even suspects. higher than it all, the daughters share the lingering concern that they’ll ne’er realize a love quite like their parents’.

As the novel moves through the riotous year following the arrival of Jonah Bendt–given up by one during all the daughters in a closed adoption fifteen years before–we area unit shown the wealthy and varied tapestry of the Sorensons’ past: years marred by adolescence, infidelity, and bitterness, however conjointly the transcendent moments of joy that build everything else worthy.

Spanning nearly 0.5 a century, and set against the illustration yank scenery of Chicago and its booming suburbs, Lombardo’s debut explores the triumphs and burdens of affection, the fraught tethers of parentage and sisterhood, and also the problematic mixture of tenderness, abhorrence, resistance, and submission we have a tendency to sympathize with those nearest to US. In painting this glowing portrait of a family’s changing into, Lombardo joins the ranks of writers like Celeste weight unit, Elizabeth Strout, and Jonathan Franzen as visionary chroniclers of our trendy lives.

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