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Book review THE MAN WHO SOLD AMERICA by Joy-Ann Reid read online FREE! Click Here.

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Is Donald Trump running the “longest con” in U.S. history?

What will be left of America once he leaves office?

Candidate Trump sold-out Americans a vision that was on the face of it at odds with their country’s instauration principles. currently in workplace, he’s place up a “for sale” sign—on the status of the presidency, on America’s world stature, and on our national identity. At what value have these deals come? the person UN agency sold-out America delivers associate degree pressing accounting of our national crisis from one among our foremost political commentators.

Three years past, Donald Trump pitched innumerable voters on the thought that their country was broken, which the remainder of the globe was enjoying U.S. “for suckers.” All we wanted to mend this was Donald Trump, UN agency rebranded prejudice as nationalism, given diversity as our weakness, and secure that cash extremely may create the globe go ’round.

Trump created the sale to enough Americans in 3 key swing states to win the body. As president, Trump’s raft of self-dealing, scandal, and corruption has swamped the national spoken language. And with prosecutors bearing down on Trump and his closed corporation, the online of criminalism is circling nearer to the government office. All this whereas Trump on the face of it makes his administration a pawn for the last word villain: associate degree autocratic former Soviet KGB officer in Russia UN agency found within the uneducated and eager 45th president the right “apprentice.”

How did we have a tendency to get here? what’s the hidden impact of Trump, on the far side the headlines? Joy-Ann Reid’s essential book examines why he succeeded, and whether or not America will undo the injury he has done. Through interviews with yank and international thought leaders and in-depth analysis, Reid situates the Trump era at intervals the context of contemporary history, examining the profound social changes that junction rectifier U.S. to the present purpose.

A deeply pertinent analysis, the person UN agency sold-out America reveals the causes and consequences of the Trump presidency and contends with the long run that awaits U.S..

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