Book review THE DIRT by Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx and Neil Strauss read online

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THE DIRT by Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx and Neil Strauss

Book review THE DIRT by Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx and Neil Strauss read online FREE! Click Here.

Whiskey and smut stars, hot reds and automobile crashes, black animal skin and high heels, overdoses and death. this can be the lifetime of Mötley Crüe, the heaviest drinking, hardest fighting, most highly-sexed and self-important band within the world. Their unbelievable exploits area unit the things of rock ‘n’ roll legend. They nailed the most well liked chicks, started the bloodiest fights, partied with the largest drug dealers, and ought to apprehend the within of each prison cell from California to Japan. they need dedicated a complete career to living life to its extreme, from the best fantasies to the darkest tragedies. Tommy married 2 international sex symbols; Vince killed a person and lost a female offspring to cancer; Nikki overdosed, rose from the dead, so OD’d once more following day; and Mickey shot a lady and tried to hold his own brother. however that is simply the start. oil-fired by each drug they might get their hands on and obscene amounts of alcohol, driven by fury and headed straight for hell, Mötley Crüe raged through twenty years, yield a path of dissipated girls, trashed building rooms, crashed cars, psychotic managers, and broken bones that has left the music trade groveling to the current day. of these unspeakable acts, to not mention their dire consequences, area unit arranged vacant within the Dirt.

Here — directly from Nikki, Vince, Tommy, and Mickey — is that the uncensored version of the full superb, gut-wrenching story. In these pages, printed for the primary time anyplace, area unit Tommy Lee’s letters to Pamela Anderson from prison: Mick’s confession to having Associate in Nursing incurable illness that’s slowly killing him; Vince’s expertise hiding his own female offspring — and therefore the train wreck that his life became afterward; and Nikki’s sorrowful struggle to manage a complete life oil-fired by anger over his childhood abandonment, his discovery of the family he ne’er knew he had — and his ensuant loss of them. and every one of it among immeasurable rare, never-before-published images, mug shots, and written lyrics. nobody is spared. Not David Lee writer, Ozzy Osbourne, Vanity, Aerosmith, Heather Locklear, AC/DC, Lita Ford, instrument of torture, Pamela Anderson, Guns N’ Roses, adult female D’Errico, RATT, or those 2 ladies from Dallas, Texas.

Make no mistake concerning it: these guys area unit geniuses. They fancied glam metal so left it within the dust; oversubscribed quite forty million albums from Shout at the Devil to Dr. Feelgood; toured the globe dozen times Associate in Nursingd have the scars to prove it; and maintained a passionate following in an era of throwaway pop stars. Mötley Crüe has done nothing but tattoo the psyche of the whole MTV generation. they’re the final word rock ‘n’ roll band. And if you do not believe it, scan The Dirt. you do not apprehend what decadency is…

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