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Book review THANK YOU FOR MY SERVICE by Mat Best read online FREE! Click Here.

The unapologetic, laugh-your-ass-off military memoir each vets and civilians are watching for, from a five-tour Army Ranger turned YouTube development and great advocate for veterans.

Members of the military’s special operations branches share a closely guarded secret: They love their jobs. They relish the chance to fight. they’re grateful for it, even; and hopeful that perhaps, possibly, they’ll conjointly get to kill a bunch of unhealthy guys whereas they’re at it. You don’t essentially ought to impart them for his or her service—the pleasure was all theirs.

In this humorous and private memoir, readers ride piece aboard former Army Ranger, personal military contractor, and social media development Mat Best, into the action and its aftermath, each abroad and reception. From living a skin infection within the mucky axilla of America (aka Columbus, Georgia) to kicking down doors within the outskirts of Ramadi; from reprehension a truck jam-packed with enemy combatants to witnessing the consequences of a bombing right ahead of your face, thanks for My Service can provide readers WHO love America and love the nice guys recent insight into what it’s like within the minds of the boys and girls on the front lines.

It’s conjointly a serious nonetheless helpful glimpse at civilian life for veterans, once the fighting stops. once the enemy becomes personality or despair, and you start to marvel why anyone ought to be thanking you for all the world, least of all of your service. however does one keep going once one thing you like turns you into someone you hate? For veterans and their friends and family, thanks for My Service can provide comfort, within the variety of 1,000,000 laughs, and counsel, as a blueprint for what to try and do once the war ends and therefore the real fight begins.

And for civilians, this is often the business executive account of military life you won’t realize anyplace else, told with equal amounts of heart and balls. It’s Deadpool meets Captain America, except one visited graduate school and one visited medical aid, and it’s anyone’s guess that is that.

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