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Book review SUPERMARKET by Bobby Hall read online FREE! Click Here.

The beautiful debut novel from one in every of the foremost inventive artists of our generation, Bobby Hall, a.k.a. Logic.

“Bobby Hall has crafted a psychoactive initial novel, with prose that’s even as fierce and moving as his lyrics. grocery store is like Naked Lunch meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—if they met at Fight Club.”—Ernest geneticist, #1 ny Times Bestselling author of prepared Player One

Flynn is stuck—depressed, recently drop, and living at his mom’s house. The grocery store was presupposed to amendment all that. a standard job and a gradual check. Work isn’t work once it’s saving you from yourself. however things aren’t quite as they appear in these aisles. inbound to figure sooner or later to a criminal offense scene, Flynn’s world collapses because the secrets of his tortured mind ar unconcealed. And Flynn doesn’t wish to travel trying to find answers at the grocery store. as a result of one thing there appears to be trying to find him. A in darkness funny psychological adventure story, grocery store may be a engrossing exploration into madness and creative thinking. United Nations agency knew you may realize sex, drugs, and murder bushed aisle nine?

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