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STORM CURSED by Patricia Briggs

Book review STORM CURSED by Patricia Briggs read online FREE! Click Here.

In this powerful entry within the #1 big apple Times bestselling series, Mercy Thompson should face a deadly enemy to defend all she loves…

My name is Mercedes Pallas Thompson Hauptman, and that i am a automobile mechanic.

And a coyote shapeshifter.

And the mate of the Alpha of the Columbia Basin mythical creature pack.

Even so, none of that might have gotten ME into bother if, a couple of months agone, I hadn’t stood upon a bridge and brought responsibility for the security of the voters United Nations agency lived in our territory. It gave the look of the factor to try and do at the time. It ought to have solely concerned searching down killer goblins, zombie goats, associate degreed an occasional troll. Instead, our home was viewed as neutral ground, an area wherever humans would feel safe to return and treat with the fuel-air explosive.

The reality is that nothing and nobody is safe. As generals and politicians play with the grey Lords of the fuel-air explosive, a storm is returning and her name is Death.

But we tend to ar pack, and that we have given our word.

We will die to stay it.

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