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STONY THE ROAD by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Book review STONY THE ROAD by Henry Louis Gates read online FREE! Click Here.

A profound new rendering of the struggle by African-Americans for equality once the war and also the violent counter-revolution that resubjugated them, as seen through the prism of the war of pictures and ideas that have left a permanent racist stain on the yankee mind.

The termination of slavery within the aftermath of the war could be a acquainted story, as is that the civil rights revolution that reworked the state once war II. however the century in between remains a mystery: if liberation sparked “a new birth of freedom” in Lincoln’s America, why was it necessary to march in theologizer King, Jr.’s America? during this new book, Henry prizefighter Gates, Jr., one in every of our leading chroniclers of the African-American expertise, seeks to answer that question in an exceedingly history that moves from the Reconstruction Era to the “nadir” of the African-American expertise below Jim Crow, through to war I and also the historic period.

Through his shut reading of the visual culture of this tragic era, Gates reveals the various faces of Jim Crow and the way, together, they strengthened a stark colour line between white and black Americans. conveyance a period of time of knowledge in reality as a scholar, filmmaker, and public intellectual, Gates uncovers the roots of structural racism in our own time, whereas showing however African Americans once slavery combatted it by articulating a vision of a “New Negro” to force the state to acknowledge their humanity and distinctive contributions to America because it hurtled toward the fashionable age.

The story Gates tells begins with nice hope, with the liberation Proclamation, Union ending, and also the liberation of nearly four million bond African-Americans. Until 1877, the centralized, driven by the policy of Douglass and lots of others, tried at numerous turns to sustain their new rights. however the fear unleashed by white paramilitary teams within the former Confederacy, combined with deteriorating economic conditions and a loss of Northern can, repaired “home rule” to the South. The retreat from Reconstruction was followed by one in every of the foremost violent periods in our history, with thousands of black folks dead or lynched and lots of a lot of afflicted by the degrading impositions of Jim Crow segregation.

An essential tour through one in every of America’s basic historical tragedies, Stony the Road is additionally a story of heroic resistance, as figures like W. E. B. civil rights activist and International Development Association B. Wells fought to form a counter-narrative, and culture, within the lion’s mouth. As serious as this tale is, it conjointly has at intervals it the inspiration that comes with encountering the hopes our ancestors advanced against the longest odds.

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