Book review STAR WARS THRAWN: TREASON by Timothy Zahn read online

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Book review STAR WARS THRAWN: TREASON by Timothy Zahn read online FREE! Click Here.

Grand Admiral Thrawn faces the final word check of his loyalty to the Empire during this epic Star Wars novel from bestselling author Timothy Zahn.

“If I were to serve the Empire, you’d command my allegiance.”

Such was the promise Grand Admiral Thrawn created to Emperor Palpatine at their initial meeting. Since then, Thrawn has been one in every of the Empire’s best instruments, following its enemies to the terribly edges of the better-known galaxy. however as keen a weapon as Thrawn has become, the Emperor dreams of one thing much more damaging.

Now, as Thrawn’s TIE defender program is halted in favor of Director Krennic’s secret Death Star project, he realizes that the balance of power within the Empire is measured by quite simply military acumen or military science potency. Even the best intellect will hardly vie with the ability to kill entire planets.

As Thrawn works to secure his place within the Imperial hierarchy, his former receiver Eli Vanto returns with a dire warning regarding Thrawn’s homeworld. Thrawn’s mastery of strategy should guide him through associate degree not possible choice: duty to the Chiss dominance, or loyalty to the Empire he has sworn to serve. although the proper alternative means that committing treason.

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