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Book review SPYING ON THE SOUTH by Tony Horwitz read online FREE! Click Here.

Beloved popular author Tony Horwitz retraces Frederick Law Olmsted’s epic journey across the yankee South within the decade, as he too searches for basis in an exceedingly hazardously riven nation.

On the eve of the war, AN industrious newspaper, the the big apple Times, sent a young travel author to explore the South, that was alien territory to the Connecticut yank correspondent and to his Northern readers. known within the paper as “Yeoman,” to shield his identity, the author roamed eleven states and 6 thousand miles, bumpy the state along with his dispatches concerning slavery and therefore the political theory of its defenders.

This extraordinary journey would conjointly re-shape the nation’s landscape, driving “Yeoman”–real name Frederick Law Olmsted–to start his career as America’s initial and foremost designer of urban parks and alternative public areas.

Over a century and [*fr1] later, there square measure echoes of the pre-Civil War within the angry ferment and fracturing of our own time. Is America still one country? Tony Horwitz, like landscaper a yank and roving scribe, sets forth to seek out out by retracing Yeoman’s journey through the South. Following his route and whenever doable his mode of transport–rail, riverboats, within the saddle–Horwitz travels geographic area, down the Ohio and Mississippi, through KY, Tennessee, Louisiana, and across TX to the river. Venturing, as landscaper did, remote the crushed methods, Horwitz discovers colourful traces of AN previous weird America, stunning vestiges of the Cotton Kingdom, and strange new mutations that have sprung from its roots.

The result’s a masterpiece within the tradition of prairie, Bad Land, and therefore the author’s own classic, Confederates within the Attic. Spying on the South is AN audacious, wise, and often uproarious expedition through AN oversize landscape and its equally oversize state of mind. it’s conjointly a inquisitory and poignant study of the young landscaper, whose own life, and wondering landscape and society, would be forever altered by his Southern odyssey.

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