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SOMEONE KNOWS by Lisa Scottoline

Book review SOMEONE KNOWS by Lisa Scottoline read online FREE! Click Here.

From the ny Times-bestselling author comes a pulse-pounding domestic adventure story a few cluster of friends United Nations agency are certain for twenty years by one secret—and can currently be undone by it. somebody is aware of is Associate in Nursing emotional exploration of friendly relationship and family, still as a psychological exploration of guilt and memory.

Twenty years agone, in a fashionable residential area of Philadelphia, four teenagers spent a summer as nearest friends: drinking, sharing secrets, testing boundaries. once a replacement boy looked to hitch them, they set to drag a prank on him, convincing him to play Russian roulette as Associate in Nursing initiation into their cluster. They in secret planned to depart the gun unloaded—but what happened next would amendment every of them forever.

Now 3 of the four reunite for the primary time since that ugly summer. The guilt—and the lingering question concerning United Nations agency loaded the gun—drove them apart. however once one in every of the cluster apparently commits suicide with a gun, their recent secrets come back roaring back. one in every of them goes to work out if the new suicide is what it appears, and if it connects to the events of that old summer. somebody is aware of specifically what happened—but who? and the way way can they are going to stay their secrets buried?

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