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Book review SECURING SIDNEY by Susan Stoker read online FREE! Click Here.

For poet Hale, rescuing dogs is quite a hobby. It’s a occupation. A planted would like. associate unstoppable compulsion. For reasons therefore unsettling, she shares them with no one…until she meets Decker. when coming back to her rescue whereas poet battled to save lots of a dog—literally—the attractive SEAL proves he may be trusty together with her secrets, her safety…maybe even her heart.

Saving associate abused pit bull from a suspected dog fighter brings Decker “Gumby” Kincade not solely the dog he’s invariably needed, however the primary girl in ages to catch his interest. Sidney’s reason for rescuing Hannah, and animals like her, is shocking…but it makes Gumby wish her even a lot of. Her painful past has created her the sturdy, brave, compassionate girl she is nowadays. She may be The One…if Gumby will facilitate curb her habit of swing herself squarely in danger’s path.

But he could also be too late. Hannah’s previous owner is furious over her loss…and searching for revenge.

** Securing poet is that the ordinal book within the SEAL of Protection: inheritance Series. every book may be a complete, with no cliffhanger endings.

** This story examines the stark reality of dogfighting and alternative animal abuse, and includes transient descriptions that will be unpleasant for a few readers.

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