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SACRED DUTY by Tom Cotton

Book review SACRED DUTY by Tom Cotton read online FREE! Click Here.

“An lyric poem to excellence. associate degree inspiring browse for each yank.” —Robert M. Gates

An extraordinary journey behind the scenes of metropolis National site, legislator Tom Cotton’s Sacred Duty offers associate degree intimate and galvanizing portrait of “The faction,” the revered U.S. force whose mission is to honor our country’s fallen heroes on the foremost sacred ground in America.

Cotton was a platoon leader with the storied third U.S. army unit Regiment—The previous Guard—between combat tours in Republic of Iraq and Asian nation. At the peak of the Republic of Iraq Surge, he carried the flag-draped remains of his fallen comrades off of airplanes at state capital Air Force Base, and he ordered them to rest in Arlington’s noted Section sixty, “the saddest acre in America.” He additionally performed many funerals for veterans of the best Generation, likewise because the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The faction has embodied the ideals of honor and sacrifice across our nation’s history. America’s oldest active-duty regiment, chemical analysis back to 1784, The faction conducts daily military-honor funerals on the 624 rolling acres of metropolis, wherever generations of yankee heroes rest. Its troopers hold themselves to the quality of perfection in sweltry heat, frigid cold, and driving rain. each ceremonial could be a no-fail, zero-defect mission, whether or not abidance a legendary general or a humble personal.

In researching and writing the book, Cotton came to metropolis and umbrageous the regiment’s troopers, from daily ceremonials to the state funeral of President George H. W. Bush to the topographic point of the soldier, experience the honor—and the challenges—of duty at the nation’s “most sacred shrine.”

Part history of The faction, half memoir of Cotton’s time at metropolis, half intimate profile of the today’s troopers, Sacred Duty is associate degree persistent testament to the unchanged power of service and sacrifice to our nation.

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