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OUTFOX by Sandra Brown

Book review OUTFOX by Sandra Brown read online FREE! Click Here.

One man with multiple identities
Eight ladies WHO nonexistent while not a trace
The next probably victim…his better half

FBI agent Drex Easton is unrelentingly driven by one goal: to outdo the conman once referred to as lensman Graham. Over the past thirty years, lensman has assumed several names and innumerable disguises, sanctionative him to lure eight moneyed ladies out of their fortunes before they disappeared while not a trace. the sole common attribute among the victims: a brand new man in their life WHO additionally nonexistent, let go no proof of his existence.

Drex is convinced that these ladies are dead, which the person he is aware of as lensman Graham is that the neurotic accountable. however on every occasion Drex gets on the point of catching him, lensman trades one persona for an additional and disappears once more. Now, for the primary time in their long game of cat and mouse, Drex encompasses a suspect visible .

Attractive and charming, opaque gem Ford is recently married to a triple-crown bourgeois a few years his junior, Talia Shafer. Drex insinuates himself into their lives, sitting as a brand new neighbor and putting in place police work on their house. The nearer he gets to the couple, the additional convinced he becomes that opaque gem is that the clever, tigerish predator he’s sought-and that his own attraction to Talia threatens to compromise his purpose and integrity.

This is Drex’s one likelihood to outfox his crafty nemisis before he murders once more and eludes justice forever. however 1st he should confirm if the fascinating Talia could be a heartless helper . . . or succeeding victim.

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