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METROPOLIS by Philip Kerr

Book review METROPOLIS by Philip Kerr read online FREE! Click Here.

Berlin, 1928, the dying days of the democracy shortly before Adolf Hitler and therefore the Nazis came to power. it had been a amount of degradation and excess as Berliners – when the terrible slaughter of WWI and therefore the hardships that followed – area unit enjoying their own version of metropolis. Bernie may be a young detective operating in Vice once he gets a summons from physiologist Weiss, Chief of Berlin’s Criminal Police. He invitations Bernie to hitch KIA – Criminal examination A – the higher-up body for all killing investigation in Kripo. Bernie’s 1st task is to research the Silesian Station killings – four prostitutes dead in as several weeks. All of them are hit over the pinnacle with a hammer and so scalped with a pointy knife.

Bernie hardly has time to acquaint himself with the case files before another prostitute is dead. Until now, nobody has shown abundant interest in these victims – there area unit masses in Berlin who’d just like the streets washed clean of such degenerates. however now the girl’s father runs Berlin’s foremost criminal ring, and he is ready to travel to extreme lengths to search out his daughter’s killer.

Then a second series of murders begins – of lame time period veterans WHO beg within the city’s streets. It appears that somebody is decided to wash up Berlin of anyone but excellent. The voice of national socialism is turning into a roar that threatens to resound all others. however not Bernie Gunther’s .

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