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LOST AND FOUND by Danielle Steel

Book review LOST AND FOUND by Danielle Steel read online FREE! Click Here.

What might need been? That tantalizing question propels a lady on a cross-country journey to reunite with the lads she fair-haired and let alone, in Danielle Steel’s exhilarating new novel.

It all starts with a fall from a ladder, during a station in big apple town. The station has been born-again into a novel Manhattan home and studio wherever known creative person Madison Allen works and lives once raising 3 kids on her own. however the accident, that happens whereas Maddie is sorting through long-forgotten personal mementos and photos, ends up in quite a broken gliding joint. It changes her life.

Spurred by previous reminiscences, the forced pause in her hard to please schedule, Associate in Nursingd an argument along with her girl that ends up in a rare crisis of confidence, Maddie embarks on a road trip. She hopes to answer questions about the lads she fair-haired and might need married—but didn’t—in the years once she was left alone with 3 young kids. carrying a forged and driving a rented SUV, she activates to reconnect with 3 terribly totally different men—one in Hub of the Universe, one in Chicago, and another in Wyoming—to grasp once and for all if the choices she created way back were the correct ones. Before moving forward into the longer term, she is compelled to confront the past.

As the miles and days pass, and with every new encounter, Maddie’s life comes into clearer focus and a brand new future takes form. A deeply felt story concerning love, motherhood, family, and fate, Lost and located is Associate in Nursing irresistible new novel from America’s most dynamic storyteller.

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