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Book review LESSONS FROM LUCY by Dave Barry read online FREE! Click Here.

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorialist and bestselling author of Dave Barry Turns forty currently shows a way to age graciously, taking cues from his beloved and extremely smart dog, Lucy.

Faced with the obstacles and challenges of life when time of life, Dave Barry turns to his best dog, Lucy, to be told a way to live his best life. From “Make New Friends” (an unfortunate fail once he can’t overcome his dislike for mankind) to “Don’t Stop Having Fun” (validating his old membership during a walking unit that performs in parades—and even Obama’s inauguration), Dave navigates his later years with humor and style. Australopithecus afarensis teaches Dave a way to sleep in this, a way to yield of daily grievances, and the way to feel smart in your own skin. the teachings ar drawn from Dave’s routine humiliations and stream-of-consciousness accounts of the absurdities of lifestyle, which is able to leave you heaving with laughter and recognition.

Laugh-out-loud screaming, whether or not he’s making an attempt to “Pay Attention to the folks You Love” (even once your brain isn’t listening) or deciding to “Let Go of Your Anger,” Dave Barry’s Lessons From Australopithecus afarensis could be a humourous and wise guide to joyous living.

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