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Book review LAKE OF THE OZARKS by Bill Geist read online FREE! Click Here.

Before there was “tourism” and memento ashtrays became “kitsch,” the Lake of the Ozark Mountains was a promised land for conservative western families on vacation, complete with artificial beaches, bushwhacker mini Golf, and feathered rubber tomahawks.

It was there that author Bill Geist spent summers within the Sixties throughout his faculty and faculty years engaging at point Lodge-a little resort in hand by his tumid uncle-in all areas of the operation, from cistern attendant to attender.

What could have appeared simply a summer job became, upon reflection, a transformative era wherever a solid of eccentric, small-town characters and experiences formed (some may recommend “slightly twisted”) Bill into the person he’s these days. He realised it had been now in his life that had an instantaneous influence on his sensibilities, his humor, his writing, and ultimately a career looking the planet for different such feral creatures for the Chicago apsis, the the big apple Times, and CBS News.

In LAKE OF THE Ozark Mountains, award triumph CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent Bill Geist reflects on his returning more matured within the yankee region and traces his evolution as a person and a author. He shares laugh-out-loud anecdotes and tongue-in-cheek observations sure to evoke a robust sense of longing for “the sensible ol’ days.” Written with Geistian wit and heat, LAKE OF THE Ozark Mountains takes readers back to a bygone era, and demonstrates however you’ll realize inspiration within the most surprising places.

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