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LABYRINTH by Catherine Coulter

Book review LABYRINTH by Catherine Coulter read online FREE! Click Here.

The #1 big apple Times bestselling law enforcement agency heroic tale series returns with another tour American state force during which Agent shamus risks losing her career—and her sanity—over a case that’s additional sophisticated and twisted than any she’s ever encountered.

On a dark night, Agent shamus is driving on circuitous mountain roads in American state once her automobile is suddenly T-boned at Associate in Nursing intersection. As her automobile spins out of management, a man’s body slams against her screen and then—blackness. once she finally involves, shamus has no memory of the accident, nor of the moments that junction rectifier right up to that. however what she will apprehend is that the person she hit may be a native United States intelligence agency analyst…and currently he’s missing.

Meanwhile, within the community of Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia, agent mythical monster Hammersmith has simply saved a seize girl United Nations agency claims her somebody admitted to the murder of 3 teen women. However, the person she accuses is said to the native law officer and a member of a really powerful family. agent Hammersmith reaches bent shamus for facilitate, and that they presently understand that the disappearance of the United States intelligence agency analyst is really connected to the string of murders. But how?

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