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Book review FATAL RECKONING by Marie Force read online FREE! Click Here.

When tragedy strikes, a chilly case suddenly turns hot—and deadly

A peaceful morning is shattered once Washington railway line lawman SAM Holland’s beloved father succumbs to injuries from Associate in Nursing unresolved shooting whereas on duty four years past. because the community rallies around SAM and her family, one issue becomes crystal clear: her father’s death has turned the unresolved case into a homicide—and it’s on her to bring her father’s killer to justice.

But the case has been cold for years…until Associate in Nursing anonymous tip that’s too surprising to believe leads SAM down a dark and dangerous path. Her husband, vice chairman Nick Cappuano, is aware of if she can’t solve this case, it’ll haunt her for the remainder of her life. She’ll want the strength of their bond to drag her out of the darkness before it’s too late, as a result of because the missing items quickly be place, SAM realizes the reality would possibly simply break her all the same—and that her father’s killer isn’t done nevertheless.

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