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Book review EVVIE DRAKE STARTS OVER by Linda Holmes read online FREE! Click Here.

In a village in ME, recently single Eveleth “Evvie” Drake seldom leaves her house. everybody in city, together with her ally, Andy, thinks grief keeps her fastened within, and he or she does not correct them. In the big apple, Dean Tenney, former major-league pitcher and Andy’s childhood friend, is combating a case of the “yips”: he cannot throw straight any longer, and he cannot comprehend why. asking from Andy to remain in ME for a couple of months appears like the proper likelihood to hit the button.

When Dean moves into Associate in Nursing housing at the rear of Evvie’s house, the 2 build a deal: Dean will not raise regarding Evvie’s late husband, and Evvie will not raise regarding Dean’s baseball career. Rules, though, have a funny method of being broken–and what starts as Associate in Nursing sudden friendly relationship presently turns into one thing additional. however before they will determine what may lie ahead, they will ought to wrestle a couple of demons: the bonds they’ve broken, the plans they’ve modified, and also the secrets they’ve unbroken. they will would like tons of facilitate, however in life, as in baseball, there is forever a chance–right up till the outride.

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