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DUMPTY by John Lithgow

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Award-winning actor and bestselling author John Lithgow wields a whip-smart, satiric pen during this poetic fulmination chronicling the previous couple of abysmal years in politics. With lacerating wit, he takes readers verse by verse through the history of Donald Trump’s presidency, lampooning the likes of Betsy DeVos, Anthony Scaramucci, Scott Pruitt, Paul Manafort,

Trump’s doctors, and plenty of others. Illustrated from cowl to hide with Lithgow’s never-before-seen line drawings, the poems collected in Dumpty draw inspiration from A. A. Milne, Carroll, humorist, composer and Hammerstein, fictitious character, and plenty of additional. A YUGE deed of laugh-out-loud lyrical storytelling, this screaming and timely volume is guaranteed to bring joy to poetry lovers, political junkies, and Lithgow fans.

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