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CHARGED by Emily Bazelon

Book review CHARGED by Emily Bazelon read online FREE! Click Here.

A celebrated fact-finding journalist exposes the ungoverned power of the prosecuting officer as a thrust in America’s mass captivity crisis, and additionally offers the simplest way out.

The yank criminal justice system is meant to be a contest between 2 equal adversaries, the prosecution and also the defense, with judges guaranteeing a good fight. however in follow, it’s prosecutors WHO have the superiority, in an exceedingly contest that’s aloof from equal. quite anyone else, prosecutors decide WHO goes free and WHO goes to jail, and even WHO lives and WHO dies. The system wasn’t designed for this sort of ungoverned power, and in Charged, Emily Bazelon shows that it’s associate degree underreported reason behind huge injustice–and the missing piece within the mass captivity puzzle.

But that is solely 0.5 the story. Prosecution in America is at a crossroads. the ability of prosecutors makes them the actors within the system–the solely actors–who will fix what is broken while not dynamic one law. they’ll finish mass captivity, defend against powerful plea bargains and convicting the innocent, and tackle racial bias. and since in virtually each state we have a tendency to, the people, elect prosecutors, it’s at intervals our power to reshape the alternatives they create. within the previous couple of years, for the primary time in yank history, a wave of liberal prosecutors has taken workplace in major cities throughout the country. Bazelon follows them, showing the distinction they create for individuals caught within the system and the way they’re coming back along as a replacement quite lobby for justice and mercy.

In Charged, Emily Bazelon mounts a serious critique of the yank criminal justice system–and additionally offers the simplest way out.

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