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Book review BLESSING IN DISGUISE by Danielle Steel read online FREE! Click Here.

In Danielle Steel’s outstanding new novel, one in all her most unforgettable characters involves terms with work and long-buried truths because the mother of 3 terribly totally different daughters with 3 singular fathers.

As a young intern at associate degree room in Paris, Isabelle McAvoy meets Putnam Armstrong, wealthy, gentle, older, and secluded from the globe. Isabelle’s relationship with Putnam, and her time at his country house on the geographical region coast, square measure the things of dreams. however it turns real once she becomes pregnant, for she is aware of that wedding is out of the question.

When Isabelle returns to big apple, she enters a replacement relationship that she hopes are going to be additional stable and ancient. however she presently realizes she has created a terrible mistake and once more finds herself one mother.

With 2 young daughters and no husband, Isabelle finally and unexpectedly finds happiness and a love that offers her a 3rd kid, a baby as happy as her beloved father. And yet, once again, life brings dramatic changes.

The 3 women become older to be terribly totally different girls and Isabelle’s relationship with every of them is exclusive. whereas raising her women alone, Isabelle conjointly begins building a career as a sure-fire art authority. Then one final flip of fate brings a past secret to light-weight, bonds mother and daughters nearer, and turns a challenge into a blessing.

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